What Seasoned Developers Should Know About Learning Elixir

Sometimes it pays to learn new tools to solve problems. Here are three ElixirConf 2016 talks you should check out if you're a seasoned developer, but new to Elixir.

The last time we went to ElixirConf, we ended up rewriting a part of Honeybadger in Elixir.

Therefore, it pays to learn new tools to solve problems, even if you're already an expert in other languages. Conferences are an excellent way to get exposed to new languages, which is why we recently sponsored ElixirConf 2016 and sent a lucky winner to the conference.

Read how Honeybadger uses Elixir

Judging from this year's topics, we are sold on its potential. If you're a seasoned developer but new to Elixir, here are three talks worth watching:

  • If you're coming from Rails - Code Spelunking for Knowledge and Profit. Brian Cardarella walks you through how to read Elixir code. He believes reading will make you a better programmer.
  • If you're a front-end person - From Front End to Full Stack with Elixir and Phoenix. Lauren Tan gives an overview of how you can incorporate Elixir into your front-end projects.
  • If you're not sure where to start - Closing Keynote. Boyd Multerer is the so-called "new guy" in the Elixir community. He shares his experiences working with XboxLive and how Elixir can help us solve problems in the future.

For the rest of the ElixirConf 2016 talks, check out the lineup at Confreaks. Get inspired and try out a project this weekend. You never know what you could end building.

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