Careers at Honeybadger

We're a small, private company with no outside funding, and we don't subscribe to the hustle ethic that is common to much of the technology industry.

We don't currently have any openings.

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    How we work

    Working at Honeybadger isn't crazy. We work to live, rather than live to work. We're a small, private company with no outside funding, and we don't subscribe to the hustle ethic that is common to much of the technology industry. Instead, we put ourselves, our families, and our health first by working at a sustainable pace (30-hour work-weeks) to provide an excellent service to awesome customers.

    We work remotely and independently

    We don't have an office, and we like it that way. You can work from home, from a coworking space, or from a coffee shop — the choice is yours to work how you like. We also don't do Agile, Scrum, or any other methodology that has name, and we don't pair regularly. Our "process" is pretty light... we decide what we want to build, often based on what our customers have requested, and then we go build it. We aim to ship regularly — we get antsy when we haven't shipped something to production in the past few days.

    We communicate asynchronously

    We do like to hang out in Slack and shoot the breeze from time to time, but real work happens in GitHub, so you can synchronize on your schedule. And it's no problem if you want to turn off Slack so you can get some deep work done. We all like to be heads-down on our tasks from time to time.

    We hire people who can manage themselves

    We aren't interested in micro-managing employees. Before founding Honeybadger, we were used to working independently as freelancers, and we continue to value being able to choose what we work on and how. As a result, we hire people who can do the same.

    We automate everything

    Everything that can be automated will be automated. There's no reason for us to have to push a button or type some commands to scale our servers when we can set up an AWS autoscaling group to do that for us. And instead of shipping shirts out ourselves, we're happy to pay Printfection to do that for us. Whenever it makes sense to automate something, we do, so that we can move on to more interesting ways to spend our time. Naturally, we have a CI/CD process (using GitHub Actions) that deploys code to production without any humans involved, once a PR has been approved.

    We document everything

    Like our belief in automation, our belief in documentation saves our time as well as our sanity. If we have a process to follow, we document it, so we can (hopefully) automate it, or at least make it as brainless as possible. If a question pops up time and again in customer support, we document the answer so we don't have to keep rediscovering the answer ourselves. :)

    We love to learn

    We feel that life without learning is just too boring. We aim to always be learning new techniques and new technologies to keep things fresh.

    We take care of ourselves

    Finally, this business exists to take care of our customers and ourselves. We pay 100% of health insurance premiums for U.S. employees and their dependents, we match 401k contributions up to 4% of salary, and we provide a generous vacation and holiday policy.