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Fix errors before your users can report them

Honeybadger's error tracking provides the context you need to understand what's causing each error and makes it easy to follow up with affected users once the fix is deployed.

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Transform user frustration into user happiness

How your users experience your app failing is a huge opportunity for you to create a positive interaction with them, and turn annoyance into admiration. Honeybadger customers routinely surprise and delight their users by fixing errors before they have a chance to complain.

"Wow — Customers are blown away that I email them so quickly after an error."
— Chris Patton, Founder of

A workflow for developers who love to ship software

Jump from the error backtrace in Honeybadger directly to edit the file in GitHub. Now just fix and commit—Honeybadger will resolve the error automatically on your next deploy.

Trace errors back to the source

Breadcrumbs are the user events that lead up to an error. Honeybadger automatically records client-side and server-side breadcrumbs as users interact with your application and sends them along when an error occurs.


Collaborate in context

Do you ever find yourself digging through chat logs to find a solution that your coworker told you about last month? Honeybadger's built-in issue tracker keeps discussion central to each error, so that if it pops up again you'll be able to pick up right where you left off.

Josh commented 5 months ago

This appears to happen on every deploy.

Honeybadger also integrates with all of the project management tools you already use, such as GitHub Issues, Jira, Pivotal Tracker, and more. With issue automation, Honeybadger can even create and update issues automatically as they are fixed.

Resolve errors faster

When you're having a bad day in production, the last thing you want is to get stuck digging for errors. That's why we built Honeybadger for fast triage and resolution.

"One of the primary reasons everyone is in love with Honeybadger is because they can actually search and find errors easily, the UI is spot on."
— Molly Struve, Sr. Site Reliability Engineer at Netflix

Some companies optimize for time spent using the product; Honeybadger's goal is the opposite—success for us means you use the product as little as possible but get an extreme amount of value when you do!

Quickly find what you're looking for

Drill down into your data to find specific errors with Honeybadger's powerful search query builder. You'll especially love our intelligent autocomplete and cross-project search. Learn more

Automate your search results

Apply common actions to a set of search results immediately, or create an automated search to update new errors as they occur. Learn more

Understand your app's health

Get a high-level view of your application's health with hotspot detection, affected user reports, weekly summary emails, and more.

Honeybadger works where you do

If you use it, Honeybadger probably supports it (and if we don't, let us know—we respond to feature requests!)

Even more reasons to love Honeybadger

Honeybadger is easy to use, yet powerful enough to cover all of your use cases.

Intelligent Grouping

Honeybadger groups similar errors into one issue so that you don't get overloaded with notifications.

Really Good Search™

Drill down into your data, find errors globally, and automate your workflows with actions.

Pause and Ignore

Cut through the noise with the ability to pause notifications for an error or ignore the error entirely.

Enhanced Backtrace

Get to the root cause faster with a clean, readable backtrace that links directly to your source code.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigate Honeybadger's intuitive UI and manage errors with keyboard shortcuts.

Deployment Tracking

Automatically resolve errors when you deploy, and link errors to your latest code release.

The developer's favorite error tracker

Honeybadger was created by developers. Because we're a bootstrapped company, we answer only to you, our customer. We frequently go above and beyond to provide an awesome experience.

"We've looked at a lot of error management systems. Honeybadger is head and shoulders above the rest and somehow gets better with every new release."
— Michael Smith, Co-Founder & CTO of YvesBlue

Any questions? Email us at — you'll usually get a response within minutes from one of our developers.

Check monitoring off your todo list.

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