Exception, uptime, and performance monitoring for Ruby.


Alerts when your apps raise exceptions, and tools to fix them quickly


Know when your apps go down and become unreachable


Learn about slow requests, CPU, memory and network usage

Trusted by Thousands


Are your production apps broken?

It's the metric we all care about. But until now you needed three subscription services to answer this one question.

Honeybadger tells you the whole story.

It tells you about errors, downtime and performance issues as they happen. And it gives you the tools you need to fix them

...without burying you in data. Without silly rate limits or per-server fees.

We started with exceptions. And we shook up the industry with features like:

  • Full text search
  • Github, Campfire, Hipchat, Pivotal, and more
  • Load and Memory Snapshots

Next we added uptime monitoring. We let you know when your apps go down due to network issues or other external problems.

Finally, performance metrics. You can see if that recent deploy caused page load times to soar. Or if your app's getting hammered by inbound traffic.

Our customers used to tell us it was the best app of its kind. Now it's the only app of its kind. And we promise you, it’s only going to get better.

Try us free for 15 days. We won't ask you for a credit card until you've had a chance to decide if we're a good fit for your team. Until then, enjoy some peace of mind while the Badger has your back.


But wait, there's more!

It works in all the places

Rails 2, 3, & 4

Your Rails apps work with Honeybadger out of the box. We're built for Rails.


Know when JS errors are plaguing your users. Our JS library can report stack traces, environment info and more.

Sinatra / Rack

Add our Rack middleware to your stack, and it's easy to start reporting errors from Sinatra or any Rack app.

Job Queues

Sidekiq, Resque, Delayed Job, Queue Classic...we love them and support them.

Rake Tasks

Your Rails-based rake tasks will report errors automatically. And it's easy to make any Rake task report to Honeybadger.

Cron Jobs

Anywhere you're running Ruby, and there's an internet connection, you can use Honeybadger.

It's a heck of a deal

Unlimited Users

You shouldn't have to pick and choose which members of your team get to use your tools.

No Silly Rate Limits

Never miss an exception because you went over your number of "allowed" errors.

No Per-Server Fees

You have the freedom to spin up new servers, knowing that we've got your back automatically.

5-Minute Setup

Setting up from scratch, or replacing an old error service, you'll be done in about 5 minutes.

No $urprises

You'll always know what you're going to pay. You're in control of all of your billing.

Money Back Guarantee

Look. We don't want your money unless we're providing you with real value. Relationships > Money.

We work with your tools

Project Management

Jira, Github Issues, Pivotal Tracker, Asana, Sprint.ly, Trello - open, close and manage issues inside of Honeybadger.


Email, SMS, Campfire, Flowdock, Hipchat, Pagerduty - We'll send alerts where you need them most.


You can integrate Honeybadger easily with any dashboard or other back-office systems using our read API.

Other Languages

We're built for Ruby, but you can find open-source Honeybadger libraries for PHP, .NET and more.


Whether you use Capistrano, Heroku, or rsync, we've got you covered.

Auto Sync

Automatically opens and closes tickets as exceptions occur and are fixed.

We work with your team

Error Status

We keep track of which errors are resolved and unresolved. Get alerts only when resolved errors are re-opened.

Team System

Manage multiple teams working on groups of projects easily, using our Teams UI.

Audit Trails

See a record of every time an error was opened, closed, assigned or commented-on.

Deploy Tracking

Know who deployed what, when. You can track down problems to a single deploy.


Add comments, notes and discussions to errors. The next time you encounter it, you'll know what to do.


Your error history contains important information about application health and team performance.

A first class dev tool

Signal > Noise

Give your inbox a break. We group identical errors together so you don't have to sort through them all.

Fast UI

Don't let bad UI slow you down. The error you need for the task at hand is always front and center.

Geolocation & Bot Detection

Know when errors are caused by real users, not spam-bots from China.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigate your errors lightning-fast with intuitive keyboard shortcuts.

Ruby Focused

Code is syntax-highlighted. Data is presented as Ruby, so you can paste it into IRB. It's the little things.

Email Driven

Comment on an error, assign it, open and close it...just by replying to the notification email.

Secure Security

SSL Everything

All communication uses SSL by default. That's not to say we're paranoid, but we kind of are.

Configurable Payload

Easily configure the gem to remove sensitive params, environment variables, and session info before it's sent.

Secure Data Centers

Know that your monitoring service isn't floating around in the cloud. We use computers bolted into racks inside of cages.

12-Factor Friendly

If you follow the 12-factor app approach, you'll be happy to know that we fully support using ENV variable for API keys.

Need to know more?

1-866-724-3373     support@honeybadger.io