Exception monitoring with more context for your Ruby apps

Honeybadger gives you the insight you need to diagnose and fix application errors, faster.

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As developers, we know error context is everything.

It’s not enough to just track errors and exceptions in your apps. (That’s where some error monitoring services call it a day.)

With Honeybadger you get insightful reports to help identify and prioritize problems, plus the tools you need to fix them.

  • Real-time notifications delivered to your email, SMS, GitHub, HipChat and more... wherever you are, we’ll keep you in the loop.
  • No user limits We know how annoying it is to have limits imposed on your “allowed users” – so we don’t do that. Ever.
  • Detailed uptime and performance monitoring help you give your customers the experience they expect.
Wow - Customers are blown away that I email them so quickly after an error.
— Chris Patton
The whole setup took about 10 minutes - that’s with me moving really slowly. Nicely done!
— Felix Livni
We’ve looked at a lot of error management systems. Honeybadger is head and shoulders above the rest and somehow gets better with every new release.

Get the tools you need to exterminate errors in your Ruby apps.

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Whether you’re a developer or a project manager…

You want your team to fix bugs and exceptions as efficiently as possible.

Honeybadger lets you manage multiple teams across various projects, and collaborate on group discussions.

And that's not all…

Trusted by over 2,000 customers of all sizes:

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All the context you need to resolve more exceptions, faster. We’ll give you the whole story, not just clues.

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