Status Pages

Build trust across the incident lifecycle

Build confidence with a public status page that shows your live service status, incident history, and more—and bring your own domain!

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Communicate about incidents as they happen

Transparency inspires trust—when your next outage happens, communication is key. Alert your users of issues early and keep them updated as each incident unfolds with incident management.

Planning your next database upgrade? Scheduled Maintenance is an incident that you can schedule in the future. You can also backfill your incident history by creating Retroactive incidents.

Reach users where they are

Embed a customizable widget in your application or website UI to alert users of new incidents, planned maintenance, or status changes—and connect your Twitter/X account to automatically notify your followers.

Globally distributed application and API monitoring

Honeybadger monitors your endpoints from five different locations around the world. When an uptime check fails, we alert you and update your status page automatically.

Batteries included

Bring your own domain, customize your status page with your company logo, and more.

Custom domains

Serve your status page from your own domain like ""

Custom branding

Add your company's logo and colors to make your status page pop. :)

Uptime monitoring

Uptime checks can be simple tests for network availability, or complex full-system health diagnostics.

Incident management

Communicate with your users and build trust across the incident lifecycle.

Twitter integration

Automatically update your Twitter followers when an incident is created or its status changes.

Password protection

Keep your internal status pages private by requiring a username and password.

Check monitoring off your todo list.

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