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Exception and uptime monitoring for your Java web apps

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Did you become a developer so you could babysit production apps? Me neither.

But that’s just life…isn’t it? Your bosses, clients and customers expect your code to work perfectly from day one.

And when it breaks? You’re on the spot. Users are annoyed. Your team is stressed.

You’re grepping through log files, trying to remember obscure git commands, trying to find an email that your coworker sent you that you think might help…It’s just so clumsy! But it doesn’t have to be.

What if the next time your app was broken, you instantly knew exactly where the problem was and how to fix it?

What if you could instantly know which deploy caused the problem. Has anyone on your team seen this problem before? Is the issue critical, or can it wait?

That’s why we built Honeybadger.

Honeybadger monitors your apps for exceptions and outages. When there’s a problem, we tell you. We help you understand the context of the problem so you can fix it before anyone notices.

Trusted by over 2,000 customers of all sizes:

Over the past three years, Honeybadger has helped over 2,000 rails developers kick ass. From companies as big as Ebay and as small as Drip, we help small teams create big software. We’re active in the open-source community, and our engineers regularly speak at RailsConf, MountainWest Ruby, Cascadia, and too many more to list.

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When you use Honeybadger you'll...

  • Feel the love from your users because problems get fixed at lightning speed.
  • Kick ass with your team. Integrations with tools like Github and slack, as well as our built in discussion system means you’re never on your own.
  • Minimize downtime - You’ll be able to understand and address problems immediately instead of fumbling around with logs and command line tools.
  • Get back to doing the work you love, and stop sorting through distracting, unimportant errors.
  • Save time and money by only having to deal with one monitoring system instead of cobbling together a patchwork of monitoring services.
  • Enjoy time off - without worrying that your app is silently breaking.
  • Be better looking because you don’t have to deal with the stress of….ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. :)
Wow - Customers are blown away that I email them so quickly after an error.
— Chris Patton
The whole setup took about 10 minutes - that’s with me moving really slowly. Nicely done!
— Felix Livni
We’ve looked at a lot of error management systems. Honeybadger is head and shoulders above the rest and somehow gets better with every new release.
— Michael Smith

We’re going to cover all the angles for you

The “other guys” only give you exception monitoring. But do your users care if the app is broken due to an exception, a network problem or a long-running db query? To them it’s just broken.

The “other guys” impose hard limits on your number of “allowed” errors. Think about that. Those services stop working at exactly the time when you need them most!

That’s why we’re going to cover all the angles for you. If you sign up now you can get:

  • Exception monitoring
  • Uptime checks from multiple locations around the world
  • Automatic instrumentation of the slowest parts of your app
  • Unlimited Users
  • No harsh rate limits
  • Native iOS app
  • Advanced error search
  • User feedback forms
  • Attach user profiles to errors
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Local variable capture
  • Seamless Github integration. Gitlab and BitBucket too!
  • Chat integration: Slack, Campfire & more
  • Tracker integration: Pivotal, Jira & others
  • REST APIs and RSS feeds
  • Weekly status report

You’ll get this, all for the same price you’d pay for a more limited error-only service.

It’s free for 15 days. There’s no CC required up front. No strings attached.

Start exterminating errors with Honeybadger for FREE

All the context you need to resolve more exceptions, faster. We’ll give you the whole story, not just clues.

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You don’t get to choose when your next crisis is going to happen.

When it does, are you going to be ready? When your whole business depends on your code working, winging it isn't an option.

Just by spending five or ten minutes now, you can be ready for the big one. You can have monitoring done!

And forget about "the big one." What about the hundreds of "little ones?" What about the problems that aren't even real problems, but that you have to investigate anyway.

Why not spend five minutes now, when the servers aren't on fire to save you all that frustration. To avoid frustrating your users, getting your boss mad, and stressing yourself out?

And if you’re not 100% satisfied let us know and we’ll make it right. You are our only boss. Unlike most of our competitors we don’t have to make investors, or parent companies happy. We just have to make you happy.