We're Honeybadger

We're a small company with a big vision. For over a decade, we've committed ourselves to improving developers' lives by equipping them with powerfully simple tools.

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Ten years and counting! 🎉

We started Honeybadger in 2012 when we became frustrated with the current monitoring tools on the market. We started with no outside funding and a total commitment to building a sustainable business with a singular mission: to make developers' lives better.

Today, tens of thousands of developers ship better software with Honeybadger. We couldn't have done this without the support and encouragement of our awesome customers—thank you!

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Meet the 'Badgers

Acquaintances are often surprised that Honeybadger isn't a thirty-person company. We're proof of what you can accomplish with a few highly-focused people!

Ben Curtis

Ben has been developing web apps and building startups since '99, and fell in love with Ruby and Rails in 2005. Before co-founding Honeybadger, he launched a couple of his own startups: Catch the Best, to help companies manage the hiring process, and RailsKits, to help Rails developers get a jump start on their projects.

Ben's role at Honeybadger ranges from bare-metal to front-end... he keeps the server lights blinking happily, builds a lot of the back-end Rails code, and dips his toes into the front-end code from time to time.

When he's not working, Ben likes to hang out with his wife and kids, ride his road bike, and of course hack on open source projects. :)

Joshua Wood

Josh is Honeybadger's resident bug hunter and technical debt collector. Once enthusiastically referred to as a "human exception tracker", he spends his days crafting the middleware, plugins, and gems which keep the 'badger fat and happy through a steady diet of fresh data.

Prior to Honeybadger Josh started a Ruby on Rails consulting business. For 10 years he worked with technology startups and companies of all sizes to build, improve, and fix their web applications.

Josh lives in the forest with his wife and kids, a red jeep, and his German Shepherd, Klaus.

Ben Findley

Ben Findley got his start in marketing by keyword stuffing websites practicing SEO in 2006 as a way to feed himself while waiting for his band to take off. After deciding that being a rich rock star would be too mainstream, he embraced his life as a marketer and hasn't looked back (unless he's checking to see if there are ghosts chasing him).

He enjoys all things digital marketing, biking, and Dad jokes.

Ben resides in Seattle with his wife and kids.

Kevin Webster

Kevin is the freshest Honeybadger (both in time and breakdancing abilities). Kevin has been building things with software since his dad brought home the family IBM 386. He fancies himself a bit of a programming polyglot. When he's not compromising his ability to write Ruby by learning new languages, he enjoys hiking through the Oregon wilderness, hanging with his family, or watching cringeworthy b-list movies.