Why is Honeybadger better than Bugsnag? Here's why you should hands down choose Honeybadger.

Bugsnag only focuses on exceptions. Honeybadger is different—we go beyond exceptions to give you full confidence in the health of your production systems. Honeybadger is the one integrated exception, uptime, and cron/service monitoring that will save your bacon when:

Honeybadger is the only error monitoring platform made to alert you about all of these issues, and for cheaper than Bugsnag:

  Honeybadger Bugsnag
Midrange Price $129/month $199/month
Uptime Monitoring
Check-In Monitoring
Exception Monitoring
# Errors 600k/month 450k/month
# Users unlimited 15
Data Retention 90 days 60 days

Hypothetical cost breakdown:

If you buy Bugsnag, you'll pay $70/month more than Honeybadger for 150k fewer errors, and on top of that, you'll have a user limit. You'll also have to buy Pingdom to get uptime monitoring; that's easily an extra $80/month. To monitor your cron jobs and microservices, prepare to spend another $70/mo on Cronitor. It adds up fast:

  Exceptions Uptime Check-Ins Grand Total
Bugsnag $199/mo $80/mo $70/mo $349/mo
Honeybadger $129/mo ✓ Included ✓ Included $129/mo
Total Savings with Honeybadger: $220/mo

Do you like to bring your team? πŸ™‹

Of all the major Exception Trackers, Bugsnag is the only one that charges for user seats. That's undoubtedly great for business, but it's bad for you—assuming you work with, you know, other people.

Honeybadger allows you to invite your entire team to as many projects as you need for the same price.

A tale of two UIs πŸ”₯

One of the things our customers tell us they love about Honeybadger is our blazingly fast and performant UI. It’s optimized to load instantly, help you get the information you need, and then get back to work (or Slack).

You may think this is a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised.

Single-page-apps are all the rage these days, and while they're great for some types of apps, they're bad for apps like Honeybadger and Bugsnag because they shift the performance burden to exactly the point where we need performance the most: on the first page load.

To work around this issue and deliver a faster UI, we did the unthinkable: we didn't build a single-page-app (gasp!). Honeybadger is a regular old lean-and-lightning-fast web app:

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If all that's not enough, there are many other benefits which you get with Honeybadger:

We built Honeybadger for pragmatic teams who need to move fast and focus on their customers. If that's you, then chances are we're the tool you've been waiting for.

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