Do you GitLab?

Track work related to resolving an application error with GitLab issues

Automatically Create Issues

Whenever your app reports an error to Honeybadger for the first time, a new issue is automatically created in your project.

Error Resolved? Issue Closed!

When you mark an error as resolved in Honeybadger, the corresponding issue is automatically closed. If the error happens again, the issue is reopened for you.

You're in Control

If you don't want to automatically create issues for new errors, you can manually create them from the Honeybadger UI instead. Either way, you'll see a link to the GitLab issue from Honeybadger, and from the GitLab issue back to Honeybadger.

One-click to Code

Our backtraces link you directly to the code in your GitLab project

Discover, Debug, Fix, and Deploy

Within seconds of a user getting an error in your application, you can find out where the error happened and then head to GitLab to make the fix in the Web IDE. Each backtrace line includes a link to the matching file and line in the GitLab UI.

Self-hosted? No problem!

Whether you are hosted at or on your own servers, our GitLab integration works the same. You'll get the same enhanced error resolution workflow in the cloud or on premise.

Check monitoring off your todo list.

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