Honeybadger gem v1.6.1 has SHIPPED

Honeybadger gem v1.6.1 has SHIPPED! There's never been a better time to upgrade. We've added lots of new features, a few bugfixes and an actual old fashioned changelog.

There's never been a better time to upgrade

Why we've added lots of new features, a few bugfixes and an actual old fashioned changelog.

Removed ActiveSupport Dependency


Notice anythig missing?

Honeybadger no longer requires ActiveSupport. Thanks to Pieter van de Bruggen andPuppet Labs, ...they did most of the work.

If you're not using Rails, ActiveSupport can cause serious conflicts. Not good. Well this release changes all that.

Fine Grained Error Filtering

Older gem versions let you specify error classes that should be ignored. LikeActiveRecord::RecordNotFound. That usually results in a 404 page, and it doesn't really warrent an SMS at 3am.

Now we give you much more control.

You can pass in a regular expression and we'll ignore errors with matching class names. You can also give it parent class, like Exception and all descendants will be filtered.

`Honeybadger.configure do |config|
  config.ignore       << /IgnoredError$/
  config.ignore       << "ActiveRecord::IgnoreThisError"
  config.ignore       << OtherException

Check out the documentation to get the full details.

Option to disable logging of session data

Sometimes your user session contains things you don't want sent to a 3rd party. It's ok. It doesn't hurt our feelings.

You've always had the option to filter out certain session variables. Now you can filter out the entire session with one easy line of code.

`Honeybadger.configure do |config|
  config.api_key      = '1234567890abcdef'
  config.send_request_session = false

Added a changelog

It's kind of retro, but sometimes you don't want to have to dig through git logs to see what's been changed in a version release. Now you don't have to!


Thanks so much to everyone who's submitted patches, suggestions, bug reports, ideas and jokes. You guys are the reason we're doing this.

Honeybadger has your back when it counts.

We're the only error tracker that combines exception monitoring, uptime monitoring, and cron monitoring into a single, simple to use platform. Our mission: to tame production and make you a better, more productive developer.

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