The Error Trackers

There are SO MANY error trackers on the market, and they're all the same; how do you know which is the best?

Sentry, Bugsnag, Rollbar, Airbrake... all of these tools focus on just exceptions. Honeybadger is different—we go beyond exceptions to give you full confidence in the health of your production systems. Our integrated exception, uptime, and cron/service monitoring will save your bacon when:

Honeybadger is the only error monitoring platform which can alert you about all of these issues, and for roughly the same price as these one-trick competitors:

  Honeybadger Sentry Bugsnag Rollbar Airbrake
Midrange Price $129/mo $179/mo $199/mo $124/mo $129/mo
Uptime Monitoring
Check-In Monitoring
Exception Monitoring
# Errors 600k/mo 1m/mo 450k/mo 500k/mo 300k/mo
# Users unlimited unlimited 15 unlimited unlimited
Data Retention 90 days 90 days 60 days 180 days 90 days

Consider this scenerio:

If you buy Sentry, but want uptime monitoring, you'll also have to buy Pingdom; that's easily an extra $80/month. Want to monitor your cron jobs and microservices too? Prepare to spend another $70 on Cronitor. It really adds up fast.

If that's not enough, there are many other benefits which you get with Honeybadger:

We built Honeybadger for pragmatic teams who need to move fast and focus on their customers. If that's you, then chances are we're the tool you've been waiting for.

Check Monitoring Off Your Todo List.

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