How I hacked a fitness tracker to wake me - but not my wife - when I get paged

The only thing worse than getting paged in the middle of the night is to also wake up your partner. In this post I show you how you can set up a fitness tracker wristband to silently wake you up the next time you get paged.

Vim tips that will change your life

Vim is objectively the best code editor there is. [Editor's note: Opinions are those of the author. Honeybadger remains neutral in the vim/emacs/sublime holy war]

No matter how much you know about Vim, there's still more to learn. Here are a few features...

Move a file in *nix without retyping whole path

If you've been using the Unix/Linux command line for any length of time, you're certainly familiar with time-saving techniques like tab completion and reverse-i-search. Chances are you use these darling keystroke-savers daily.

These features of course...