Announcing SSL Certificate Expiration Warnings

SSL-related outages are pretty common, and often happen when you forget to renew a certificate. Lucky for you, Honeybadger's Uptime Monitoring will now warn you before your certificates expire!

Monitoring all your SSL certificates can be a lot of work, especially without using a certificate authority such as Let's Encrypt. The last thing you want is an SSL-related outage because a random certificate wasn't set to auto-renew and expired!

Honeybadger has your back! That's why we added certificate expiration warnings to our existing uptime monitoring feature. Once it's enabled, you'll receive an alert 21 days before any of your SSL certificates expire, giving you enough time to get everything in order and prevent any related outages.

uptime view

Here’s how to set it up

To receive certificate expiration warnings, you must first enable the "Check SSL certificate" option in your uptime check's settings, and the URL must be secure (it must begin with https://).

If you're a current Honeybadger user, you must also enable a new "When my SSL certificates are about to expire" alert event for each alert/integration by navigating to Project Settings -> Alerts & Integrations -> [Email, Slack, etc.] -> Uptime Events. Honeybadger enables this setting by default for new users and integrations.

project settings

That's it! You will now be alerted if one of your SSL certificates is about to expire! high five!

Let us know what you think

If there's a feature that could make this more useful for you, please get in touch with us.

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