Honeybadger is #winning

The results are in: Honeybadger was able to grab a 50% market share of winning apps at Rails Rumble! Amid strong competition (in an apparently crowded market), the 'badger has landed as the clear favorite:

exception handlers chart

So, you might ask, who all used Honeybadger to keep their apps bug free? We asked that too, and here's what we found, at least according to Google:

  • Revision.io is a tool for software teams to be able to easily create embeddable, shareable changelogs based on their GitHub activity.

  • findthin.gs makes it easy to find the best online sources for tv series and movies that are available for you to watch online or to buy / rent and watch offline.

  • CinderellaApp uses geolocation to reunite lost and found items with their rightful owners.

  • Score Anything tracks your progress against your opponents for all manner of sports.

  • FaxItForMe lets you send faxes online.

  • Oh Dear is the kindest bug reporting tool on the planet.

  • DashHub is an "Awesome Dashboard for your Github Application"

  • Flicky finds the patterns in the articles you've saved for later.

  • PinMap makes it easy to track any topic on a map and let's you share it with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, email or any website.

  • Trollr - We're not really sure what Trollr does, but we're sure glad they used Honeybadger!

Great job, everyone. Looking forward to working with all the contestants in the coming months.

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Starr Horne

Starr Horne is a Rubyist and Chief Javascripter at Honeybadger.io. When he's not neck-deep in other people's bugs, he enjoys making furniture with traditional hand-tools, reading history and brewing beer in his garage in Seattle.