Public Status Pages for Uptime Monitoring

A public status page conveys your service's health and availability to your internal and external users—fostering transparency and trust. We've launched a new status pages feature, adding support for custom domains and branding!

Whether us-east-1 is down or you forgot to add a configuration file, everyone has an outage from time to time. When your next outage occurs, transparency is critical. The difference between a minor annoyance that people soon forget and a fiasco that creates sustained resentment is in how you communicate.

At Honeybadger, we're thrilled to be part of your incident-response plan with our uptime monitoring service, and we just shipped an update that can help even more: public status pages.

Honeybadger's status pages have everything that you expect, plus Honeybadger awesomeness:

  • Add multiple uptime checks to each status page
  • Add uptime checks from different projects in your account
  • Customize each status page with your company's logo
  • Customize the display name of each uptime check (so that you can use different internal and external names for services)
  • Use a custom domain name with your status page (i.e.,

If you use our older, more limited status page feature (now deprecated), you'll really appreciate the clean new design, including an index page with an overview of all uptime checks. Behold!

Click through to each individual service to see more detailed information.

Check out our live example status page!

Status pages are available on all of our current plans (even the free plan). Learn how to set one up here.

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