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PHP Exception Monitoring with Honeybadger

Honeybadger offers PHP Exception Monitoring that is easy to set up and supports more advanced features, like sending your own custom notices.

Don't forget where you come from

It's 2013, baby, you're a badass rails developer. Sure you've made a few mistakes. Most of them in PHP. But those days are long gone left behind in a trail of dust with your matchbox twenty LPs and your matrix trenchcoat.

...but lately, you've been twitchy. You've seen things. In the corner of your eye. In flashes in the mirror.

It's PHP. Everywhere, it's PHP. You realize you haven't left your legacy projects behind. You've just traded them with someone else. And they're way worse than you ever were.

But anyway. We're all adults here. We're over the whole "making fun of PHP" thing.

Gabe saves the day

You're responsible for these apps now. Wouldn't it be nice to have the same world-class error monitoring that you've grown used to in your rails projects?

Now you do.

Let's all give a huge round of applause to Gabe Evans. This super-talented ruby developer has taken a bullet for all of us and built the most amazing PHP client for Honeybadger.

Check it out on github

The setup is very simple:


use Honeybadger\Honeybadger;

    'api_key' => '[your-api-key]',

And it even supports more advanced features, like sending your own custom notices


    $params = array(
        // Params that you pass to a method that can throw an exception.
catch (Exception $e)
        'error_class'   => 'Special Error',
        'error_message' => 'Special Error: '.$e->getMessage(),
        'parameters'    => $params,

There's still a few features left to be ported over from the main gem, but all the major stuff is there. And if you find yourself missing a certain feature, let us know. We'll make it happen.

Honeybadger has your back when it counts.

We're the only error tracker that combines exception monitoring, uptime monitoring, and cron monitoring into a single, simple to use platform. Our mission: to tame production and make you a better, more productive developer.

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Starr Horne

Starr Horne is a Rubyist and Chief JavaScripter at Honeybadger.io. When she's not neck-deep in other people's bugs, she enjoys making furniture with traditional hand-tools, reading history and brewing beer in her garage in Seattle.

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