Welcome Sophia Le!

I want to extend a super Honeybadger welcome to our very first hire, Sophia Le. Sophia joined us last month as our official Marketing Coordinator, and she's already making a big difference around here. We couldn't be more excited to have her join the team!

ElixirConf 2016 Ticket Giveaway

We are giving away a free ticket to ElixirConf 2016!

Announcing AptWatcher

AptWatcher is a tiny Sinatra app that notifies your Slack channel about pending apt package updates.

New features, just in time for summer!

We're talking official support for more platforms, as well as integrations with ops tools and customer service portals!

Version 2 of our Read API

We have a new version of our Read API that provides additional data and advanced search.

Request Metrics for Node.js

Our npm package can now send us request metrics for Connect, Express and other Node.js web frameworks (or you can roll your own!).

How Honeybadger uses Elixir to monitor Heroku

In this post we discuss at length how we use Elixir to monitor application logs for our Heroku customers so that we can report additional types of errors.

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/--- title: Announcing Intercom Integration author: ben excerpt: "We just launched an integration with Intercom to track which users encountered errors." categories: - News

- Features

We just launched an integration with Intercom to track...

Honeybadger for Go (golang) v0.0.3 released

Last week we released some improvements to our Go client, which reports panics and errors from Go applications. You can now configure the client to ignore errors in development/test mode.

Honeybadger for Node.js is now awesome

We recently completely rewrote our npm package, adding new features such as a native AWS Lambda error handler, Express/Connect support, and more!