New: Improvements on Honeybadger's User Interface

Our newest UI change includes a fully responsive site, code snippets, and easier navigation between fault occurrences. Learn more.

What Seasoned Developers Should Know About Learning Elixir

Sometimes it pays to learn new tools to solve problems. Here are three ElixirConf 2016 talks you should check out if you're a seasoned developer, but new to Elixir.

How to Manage Application Secrets in EC2

Are you deploying your apps to EC2 and wondering how to store your application secrets? Learn how to use KMS and IAM roles to store your secrets on S3 securely.

Introducing: Honeybadger for Python 3

Get the same support for Django as you do for Rails. Honeybadger now officially supports Python 3.

3 Questions to Validate Your Product Idea

Here are three questions to ask yourself when validating a product idea - and how Honeybadger used them to turn their product idea into a profitable business.

Here Are The Results of the Rocky Mountain Ruby 2016 Ticket Giveaway

The winner of our Rocky Mountain Ruby 2016 ticket giveaway is a toy designer by trade. Learn more.

Sunsetting Performance Metrics

On October 10 we’re going to be removing the performance metrics tab from Honeybadger.

New! Error Monitoring, Now for PHP 7.

Ever wish you could monitor your PHP apps with the same features of your Ruby ones? Introducing Honeybadger for PHP.

How to Deploy a Sinatra App in Docker to Amazon's EC2 Container Service

Starr deploys a simple Sinatra application to Amazon's EC2 Container Service (ECS) and load-balances it across two availability zones.

What You Need to Know About Bootstrapping

Honeybadger is proud to be a bootstrapped business. We like that we've maintained control of our product vision. But it's not an easy road. Here are a few things you should know.