New: Improvements on Honeybadger's User Interface

Our newest UI change includes a fully responsive site, code snippets, and easier navigation between fault occurrences. Learn more.

You may have noticed some UI changes at Honeybadger recently. These include some improvements that may not be obvious at first glance. Let's take a look.

Code Snippets for every backtrace line

We now show code snippets for every line of the backtrace. Just click on the magnifying-glass icon to see them:

Code Snippets

Note: You'll need to be running the latest version of the honeybadger ruby gem to get these additional snippets.

Responsive Design

The new site is fully responsive. Now it's much easier to view and respond to errors that happen when you're away from your desk.

Code Snippets

Quicker navigation between projects

Most pages now contain a project search dropdown. Prefer to use the keyboard? Press "J" (for jump), start typing your project name and hit return when there's a match.

Code Snippets

Quicker error assignment

You can now assign errors to your teammates from the error list, which is much quicker if you have several to do.

Code Snippets

Easier navigation between fault occurrences

We've added an occurrence navbar which not only lets you flip between occurrences but also displays a summary of the occurrence being viewed.

Code Snippets

More scannable error lists

The error list has been redesigned to make it easier to scan quickly. Instead of full timestamps, you now see relative dates. You will also see large numbers displayed in a condensed format. You can still see the exact numbers and timestamps by clicking through to the error page.

Code Snippets

Better organized user settings

We've consolidated our scattered user setting pages, and cleaned them up quite a bit. Now, it's possible to toggle all your personal notifications in one place.

Code Snippets

Enjoy the new changes! If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at

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