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Our latest feature saves you a click or two — and you're going to love it. You probably already know that Honeybadger can let you know which users were impacted by an error in your Rails application. By using the context feature you can send custom data, such as a user id and a user email address, along with the other application data that's automatically sent with each error report. I use this all the time to quickly email people to let them know that the error they just encountered at my site has already been fixed. They love that. :)

Before today, though, you had to copy the user email address or user id from the Honeybadger UI to paste into your mail client or adminstration tool. Who wants to do all that work? With today's update, you'll now see a button to email a user affected by an error if that user's email address is in the context data. And if you also pass along a user id in the context, we can also give you button to open that user record in your app's admin tool.

Here's how you can set it up: Go to the settings for your Honeybadger project and choose the Edit tab. You'll see an input labeled "User URL". Use that field to enter a URL that can be used a template for creating a link to a user record in your admin tool. For example, if you entered[user_id], and if a user with the id 42 triggered an error in your application, the error view in Honeybadger would have a link to Cool, huh?

Now you have an even better chance of contacting your users about an error they encountered before they have a chance to contact you. :)

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Joshua Wood

Josh is Honeybadger's resident bug hunter and technical debt collector. Once enthusiastically referred to as a "human exception tracker", he spends his days crafting the middleware, plugins, and gems which keep the 'badger fat and happy through a steady diet of fresh data.

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