Making Error Alerts Less Noisy and More Useful

Reduce false alarms and make sure that every error alert goes to the right person with Honeybadger.

False alarms suck. Maybe the only thing that's worse is a real alarm sent to the wrong person. When a project is young, you can afford to have every alert sent to every developer. But as it grows — and roles get more specialized — it becomes critical to deal with alerts more intelligently. Specifically, you need to eliminate noise and make sure that each alert is sent to the people who can actually do something about it.

We recently launched some new features and third-party integrations that make error alerts quite a bit smarter. Let's take a look!

Routing Rules

Honeybadger monitors your web apps for errors and outages and lets you know when there's a problem. But not all errors are created equal. That's why we just introduced a new routing system to let you specify rules for which errors cause which alerts.


Errors that happen on staging usually aren't as important as ones in production. Maybe you'd like alerts for staging errors to be sent to a separate QA chat room.

With our routing rules, it's simple to make this happen. In the screenshot below, we're setting up a slack room specifically for staging errors:

Priority & Tags

Have you ever had an error that just keeps popping back up, no matter what you do to fix it? With our routing system, you can funnel higher-priority errors to higher-priority channels.

Just tag the error — manually or programmatically — and create a routing rule for that tag. You could also route errors based on exception class, assignee…you name it!

By Responsibility

Do you have certain developers or groups who are responsible for different parts of your app? You can route errors based on which part of the app the error occurred in.

In the example below, I'm sending all alerts that happen in the payments system to the chatroom for the payments team:

New Workflow Integrations

Honeybadger has great support for PagerDuty, VictorOps and OpsGenie. You can send error notifications through any of these services to take advantage of their even more advanced workflow features. And as you go without saying, but all of our new routing features also work with these services.

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