Announcing Honeybadger for Java

We are very proud to announce that Honeybadger now officially supports reporting exceptions and errors -- with advanced features such as nested exceptions and request data! -- from Java web applications.

Our new Java client makes it easy to get up and running quickly with a variety of frameworks and environments (with more on the way!). It's available to download via GitHub or from Maven Central.

Once you have installed the package, setup consists of configuring a system property or environment variable with the API key of your Honeybadger project and then installing our global exception handler.

For most modern web applications we provide a servlet-based implementation which supports configuration from web.xml as well as deeper integration with the Play web framework (Spring support is on the way!). Request data such as params and session data is sent to Honeybadger automatically, and you can configure sensitive keys to exclude.

Speaking of configuration, we provide a lot of other settings and features out of the box:

  1. Nested exceptions are automatically included in error reports, making it easy to trace the exception back to its point of origin.
  2. Application traces are highlighted to easily locate the issue in your code rather than scanning through dependencies.
  3. Filter exceptions by class (to silence annoying and non-actionable errors).
  4. Proxy settings.
  5. Filters for sensitive request data and system properties.
  6. Custom error page with feedback form (this allows users who encounter exceptions while interacting with your web application to communicate with you through Honeybadger).

Of course, we also provide a simple API for reporting exceptions which were caught manually.

I hope that you will give Honeybadger a try on your next (or current!) Java project. We're dedicated to adding even more awesome features in the future, so monitoring Java applications with Honeybadger will only get better from here.

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