Introducing: Honeybadger for Python 3

Rails developers! Do you:

  • Love Monty Python?
  • Run a web app on Django?
  • Need to monitor a big data project?

You're in luck: Now Honeybadger for Python officially supports Python 3.

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Get the same support for Django as you do for Rails - it works out of the box. We report all unhandled exceptions occurring with your Django web requests.

If you're setting up a pure Python app or another framework like Flask or web2py, you'll need to import Honeybadger and configure it with your API key.

Set up Honeybadger for Python 3

This is our second release, and we are glad our adorable mascot, the Honeybadger, lives up to its reputation of eating Python (errors). If you have any questions or feedback, make sure to email, submit an issue, or make a pull request.

Get Honeybadger for Python 3

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