Honeybadger and Slack - Error Monitoring Awesomeness – Part Deux

When Honeybadger originally partnered with Slack, it was the dawn of a new era. Dev teams everywhere were thrilled that they could receive exception, uptime, and check-in alerts instantly from within their teams' Slack channels. That was, and still is, a lethal weapon.

However, Honeybadger and Slack have partnered up again and have been hard at work pushing error monitoring to the limit. Why? Because bugs and exceptions don't rest, and neither do Honeybadger and Slack. We’ve rebuilt the Slack integration.


Once you have installed the new Honeybadger Slack app, the Honeybadger bot will join your Slack team. You can message the bot directly or you can invite it to join a channel and address it.


The new integration does more than instant notifications of problems with your app via Slack. The interactive notifications feature gives you the ability to resolve or reopen an error all from within your Slack channel. Now you have the power to find out what errors have happened lately on one of your projects, mark an error as fixed, and more, without leaving the keyboard.


It's learning. The bot is more than just backtracing brawn; it speaks your language and understands the following commands:

Command Description
help Get help :)
show project Returns a list of faults that occured recently in
the Project Name project.
show fault See details about the requested fault. The fault
number can be found in the Honeybadger UI.
resolve fault Mark the specified fault as resolved.
reopen fault Mark the specified fault as reopened.

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Honeybadger and Slack - We are never getting too old for this 💩