GitHub Student Developer Pack Holiday Challenge

Hey GitHub Student Developer Packers!

For the month of December, we are issuing a challenge to help you grow as a developer so you can crush bugs and deploy web apps with confidence using your free Honeybadger account.

If leveling-up your developer skills isn't enough incentive to join the challenge, you will also be entered into a drawing for a $100 Netflix gift card (or other music/video streaming service of your choice).

How to enter:

  1. Create a publicly-deployed web app with Honeybadger enabled.
  2. Upload it to GitHub.
  3. Tweet @honeybadgerapp with a link to your project's repo and the public URL using the #GitHubPack tag or email with GitHubPack in the subject line by December 27th.

Fine print:

The contest winner will be chosen at random and we will contact the winner via email or Twitter on Jan 6th. This contest is only open to members of GitHub Student Developer Pack. One submission per student please.

Questions? Get a hold of us at:

Good luck!

What to do next:
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