ElixirConf 2016 Ticket Giveaway

It's no secret: We at Honeybadger are crazy about Elixir. We were the first error monitoring service to support Elixir. We had a blast sponsoring and attending ElixirConf 2015. But this year, we want to share the fun with one of you. Therefore, we are giving away a free ticket to ElixirConf 2016!

The conference is a great opportunity if you want to learn more about Elixir and Phoenix, expand your network, or have an excuse to go to Disney World afterwards (We won't judge). For more information on what you're in store for, visit www.elixirconf.com.

Enter the giveaway here. Note that this giveaway is for a conference ticket. Other expenses such as airfare, hotel, and conference training not included. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Giveaway ends on August 1st, 2016.

We will announce the winner during the first week of August. Good luck to all!

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