Comments are a beautiful thing

Github flavored markdown lets you add structure, images, links and code to your comments. By the way, did you know that you can comment on an error just by replying to it's email notice? Pretty cool, huh?


Here's the code we used to create the example above:

`# Comments now have github flavored markdown

## Subheading

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum eu lacus nibh. Duis ac arcu velit, vel consectetur ante. Sed vestibulum pretium nisi scelerisque semper. Duis est lectus, porttitor nec elementum eu, interdum at enim. Maecenas tristique congue fermentum. Nulla in massa est, vel semper dolor. Phasellus vel risus quis justo fermentum aliquam nec sed mauris. Sed at enim lacus, ut commodo purus. Aenean ultricies facilisis nibh et luctus. Nam a ante quis risus elementum dapibus. Mauris in tortor elit. Integer vel sapien turpis, sed malesuada sapien. Etiam erat turpis, suscipit ut consequat non, pellentesque at sapien. Ut ut sem sed leo vulputate fringilla. Praesent viverra diam a leo ultrices ut adipiscing tortor aliquet.

class MyClass
  def to_s
    "Hey, it has syntax highlighting"


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