Announcing Intercom Integration

We just launched an integration with Intercom to track which users encountered errors at your site.

Intercom is a platform for interacting with your customers, and it has the ability to track events that are triggered by users. These events can be used to segment your users into lists for follow-up or additional messaging. With this new integration, Honeybadger will send the "Error Encountered" event to Intercom whenever a logged-in user at your site encounters an error.

We do this by using the user ID that you send to Honeybadger in the context of your error. An event with that user ID is then sent to Intercom so that it can be associated with that user in their system. You can then filter your Intercom user list using that event:

Intercom users filtered on encountered error

This would make it easy, for example, to send out a message to everyone that encountered an error after you deploy a fix.

For more information on setting up Honeybadger and Intercom, check out our integrations page.