Announcing DataDog, OpsGenie and Victorops Integrations

We just launched three great new integrations that will make it even easier to integrate Honeybadger into your operations workflow. I'm talking about Datadog, OpsGenie and VictorOps.


Datadog is an event aggregation service that gathers information from all of the tools that you have monitoring your app — now, including Honeybadger. When you set up the Datadog integration we'll send every exception, status, comment, and deploy notification. That means you can use DataDog's sophisticated toolset to correlate exceptions to other events happening in your infrastructure.

We've been experimenting with Datadog for some of our own data aggregation needs. Here's a screenshot of some of our internal Honeybadger channels:


For more information on setting up Honeybadger and Datadog, check out our integrations page.


OpsGenie is an alerts routing system. You forward your alerts from all your services to OpsGenie. Then, if you happen to be on call, OpsGenie will forward those alerts to you via email, SMS, or their mobile app.

Here's an example of a Honeybadger alert seen from inside OpsGenie's mobile app:


For more information on setting up Honeybadger and OpsGenie, check out our integrations page.


VictorOps is an alerts routing system that gives your team a place to collaboratively address problems as they arise. You simply forward your Honeybadger and other alerts to them and they send them to the person on call, according to whatever schedule you've defined.

For more information on setting up Honeybadger and VictorOps, check out the great guide the folks at VictorOps put together.

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