Announcing AlertOps Integration

We are excited to announce that AlertOps is now integrated with Honeybadger!

We are excited to announce that AlertOps now integrates with Honeybadger!

What is AlertOps?

AlertOps is an alerting system that assists teams with their on-call process. It has enterprise-level capabilities that other alerting systems don't have. My personal favorite? The conference bridging capabilities.

How does it work with Honeybadger?

  • You can automatically open and close alerts sent from Honeybadger. The functionality allows you to cross-reference which Honeybadger errors got resolved within AlertOps.
  • You can add customized messages to each alert and send them to Honeybadger.
  • During an incident you may want to be notified every time Honeybadger detects a particular error. You can create a workflow to manage your service level. The workflow can also trigger notifications to systems and people.

More information

For more information on the integration, visit the AlertOps Honeybadger product page.

Do you have a suggestion on what other integrations you would like to see? Let us know via email or Twitter.

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