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Alerts and integrations just leveled up

Honeybadger offers a completely re-written error notification system that integrates with tools such as GitHub, Jira, PagerDuty, Asana, Pivotal tracker, Flowdock, Campfire and Hipchat.


Since the beginning, you've been asking for:

  • More integrations with tools like Jira, Sprintly and PagerDuty

  • A richer and more granular system of alerts

Well, my friends, today you have them.

We've just shipped a completely re-written notification system. Not only does it work with more 3rd party tools, but it gives you an incredible amount of control over your alerts.

New Integrations

Honeybadger now works with the following tools:

  • Github Issues

  • Jira

  • PagerDuty

  • Asana

  • Sprintly

  • Pivotal tracker

  • Flowdock

  • Campfire

  • Hipchat

Internally, we’ve made it much easier for us to integrate with 3rd party tools, so expect to see more.


Automatic error escalation

Sometimes your app really breaks. It may only be throwing one error, but it's throwing it 10,000 times an hour.

Wouldn't it be nice to be alerted of that? Now you can be. Here are a few examples:

  • Get an extra email when your app has 100 errors / hour

  • Get a text message when you hit 1000 errors / hour

The rate is configurable by you.

Keep everybody in the loop

With the new system, you can set alerts for almost anything.

  • The app is deployed

  • An error happens (duh)

  • An error is resolved or unresolved

  • Someone comments on an error

  • ...and more


Flexible routing system

In the past you could only get some alerts by email. Now all alerts are available on all the channels.

For example, you can set up Honeybadger to:

  • Post to campfire when your app is deployed

  • Send you a text message when someone assigns an error to you

  • Email you when an error is marked resolved

Automatic ticket creation / sync

You might use a tool like Github Issues to manage your team. Now you can have Honeybadger create issues automatically when errors come in. When you resolve an error, it can close the issue. And if the exception happens again, we can re-open the issue for you.


Customizable per-user

Possibly the best thing about these new features is that they can be customized on a per-user basis.

  • If you’re a manager, you can set email alerts to tell you about Deploy events and high error rates.

  • If you’re a developer, you can get all the alerts.

Your whole team can keep an eye on the system, at the level that makes sense to them.

Honeybadger has your back when it counts.

We're the only error tracker that combines exception monitoring, uptime monitoring, and cron monitoring into a single, simple to use platform. Our mission: to tame production and make you a better, more productive developer.

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Starr Horne

Starr Horne is a Rubyist and Chief JavaScripter at Honeybadger.io. When she's not neck-deep in other people's bugs, she enjoys making furniture with traditional hand-tools, reading history and brewing beer in her garage in Seattle.

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