How to Dump a Rails Model to a YAML File

Learn how to create fake data for development by going to a Rails console on our stagine server and dumpting some records to YAML files. Now you can transfer the file to your computer and load the YAML into a model!

I've been wanting to do some work for a while on the UI for our performance monitoring system. But the way the performance monitoring system works, it's difficult to create fake data for development.

The solution? Jump into a Rails console on our staging server and dump a few choice records to YAML files. It's an easy trick:

item = MyItem.find(...)"sample_item.yml", "w"){ |o| o.write(item.to_yaml)  }

Now you can transfer the file to your computer and load the yaml into a model like so:

item = YAML.load_file("path/to/sample_item.yml")
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