FounderQuest S2 E9 | Is It Time For The Big Rewrite?

This week on FounderQuest Josh, Starr, and Ben talk about the quandary of not knowing how to build something until after you’ve already built it. Therefore, once it's built it can be hard to fight the urge to build it again taking into account all of lessons that were learned along the way.

More topics you say? Here you go:

  • What would a FounderQuest Christmas special look like?
  • How to raise children the Honeybadger way.
  • How to respect and honor your legacy code after all it’s done for you.
  • How Josh won Oregon Trail IRL.
  • Ben talks about how agreeing to deadlines is like planting your flag in quicksand.
  • Rewriting Honeybadger with the latest in 90's technology. (Trigger warning for Perl developers!)

Lastly, are you having trouble sleeping? Is it because your favorite Facebook game went offline for a couple hours last decade and you never learned why? If so, you can sleep better after this episode as Starr reveals how she may have been responsible.

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Ben Findley

Marketing Manager @ Honeybadger