Introducting FounderQuest, Honeybadger's New Podcast!

What the heck is FounderQuest and what is it doing on the Honeybadger blog?

FounderQuest is a weekly podcast recorded and produced by the founders of Honeybadger, Ben, Starr, and Josh (these guys). It covers a wide range of topics centered around their experiences bootstrapping and running Honeybadger. Many of the topics covered on this blog overlap with the podcast discussions so if you want more Honeybadger in your life (seriously who wouldn't) then it's probably worth a listen. You can access the entire back catalog here.

On this week's episode of FounderQuest the guys weigh in on a recent debate sparked by Jason Fried at Basecamp around the value of backlogs. In short, Fried postulates that backlogs cause unnecessary stress and that if an idea will be forgotten about if it isn’t written down, then it probably isn’t important in the first place.

Honeybadger does have a pretty significant backlog and some on the team find it more useful than others. Each of the guys discusses how they deal with the backlog, whether they ignore it 🙈​, stress out about it 😬​, embrace it as a useful part of the business 🤗​, or actively plot to burn it down 😈​​ and rebuild Honeybadger V2 from the ashes.

Bonus, Ben talks about his recent trip and all of the different ways to cook and eat catfish!

Don’t stress over adding FounderQuest to your backlog, listen now!

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