FounderQuest S2 E8 | The 2019 Thanksgiving Freestyle Episode

This week on FounderQuest things get wild and the guys throw the show notes out the window. They are kicking it freestyle on this special Thanksgiving episode. All of today’s hard-hitting questions are answered: 

  • Dark meat or light meat? 
  • Turkey or duck? 
  • Roaring fire in the background on New Year’s Eve or the progress meter of a database upgrade?
  • Feature freezes before Thanksgiving or after?
  • Why is Northgate Mall being torn down?
  • Should you bother putting decorative lights outside your home if they aren't visible from inside?

You will also learn the guys' December plans and a teaser on what secret plans are being worked on for Honeybadger.

Time travel with Josh, Starr, and Ben on this pre-Thanksgiving recorded, post-Thanksgiving delivered episode and get your dose of podcast inception here!

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