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Application monitoring that helps developers get it done.

Screenshot of an error monitoring dashboard with an unresolved NoMethodError in 'charge_payment' method from a Ruby on Rails application, showing a code snippet, error details, and metadata like URL and browser version. An arrow points from structured application logs to the error details in Honeybadger.

Honeybadger transforms your logs into rich events that help you fix issues before your users know what happened.

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We're developers who built the monitoring platform we always wanted—and bootstrapped it.

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Error Tracking

Know the moment errors occur and fix bugs before customers can report them.

Uptime Monitoring

Know when your external services go down or have other problems.

Heartbeat Monitoring

Know when your cron jobs and services go missing or silently fail.

Logging & Observability

See the bigger picture, put things into context & detect anomalies. one simple platform built for developers.

Getting started is easy

For example—in a Rails app—installing Honeybadger is just a few terminal commands:

$ bundle add honeybadger
$ bundle exec honeybadger install [API KEY]

Once installed, Honeybadger automatically reports exceptions in controllers, background jobs, rake tasks, and more.

Tells you when errors occur so you can fix them quickly

  • Lets you triage quickly
  • Traces errors back to the source
  • Keeps communication organized
Learn more about Error Tracking
A screenshot of a list events (called 'Breadcrumbs') in Honeybadger
Honeybadger automatically records breadcrumbs leading up to each error.

Gives you all the context you need to discover the root cause

  • Get actionable intelligence from your logs
  • Get ahead of potential issues
  • Create charts and dashboards
Learn more about Logging & Observability
Six performance metric graphs for a web application: "API requests" shows stable request counts, "API response time" fluctuates with spikes, "Ingest throughput" varies with an upward trend, "Ingest performance" has peaks under 0.4 seconds, "Notifications throughput" demonstrates volatility, and "Notifications performance" maintains a steady average time around 0.18 seconds, all over 15-minute intervals. Options to edit queries suggest customizable monitoring.
Gain insights into your errors, application logs, and other event streams with a powerful query language and flexibile visualizations.

Lets you respond instantly when bad things happen

  • Alerts you of outages as soon as they happen
  • Reminds you to renew your SSL certificates before it's too late
  • Notifies you via Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty, DataDog, Google Hangouts, and other tools you use
Learn more about Uptime Monitoring
A screenshot of a list of uptime checks in Honeybadger
Honeybadger instantly notifies you when something is wrong.

Monitors your jobs and lets you know when there's a silent failure

  • Ensures your cron jobs run on time, every time
  • Sends you automated alerts on your existing tools
  • Shows a detailed history of when your jobs last completed and when we last heard from your services
Learn more about Cron & Heartbeat Monitoring
A screenshot of a form that lets you create a check-in in Honeybadger
Cron scheduling lets you create an advanced check-in schedule or mirror the cron schedule on your server.

Honeybadger works where you do

If you use it, Honeybadger probably supports it. If we don't, let us know—we respond to feature requests!

Safeguards your business against costly downtime

The #1 reason startups fail is that they run out of money.1 There are so many ways for startups to lose money—downtime shouldn't be one.

Recent studies found that downtime can cost $427 per minute for small businesses,2 and up to $9,000 per minute for medium-sized businesses.3

A monthly subscription to Honeybadger helps you prevent costly downtime, which helps you stay in business.
  • 1 CB Insights, "The Top 12 Reasons Startups Fail," August 3, 2021,
  • 2 Mark Brunelli, "Downtime costs small businesses up to $427 per minute," Carbonite, October 08, 2015,$427-per-minute/.
  • 3 Andrew Lerner, "The Cost of Downtime," Gartner, July 16, 2014,

Used by tens of thousands of developers who ship better software thanks to Honeybadger

Honeybadger is used by companies of all sizes who want to focus on shipping great, error-free products instead of wasting time building and maintaining a bespoke monitoring stack.

Here's what a few of our customers have to say

Wow — Customers are blown away that I email them so quickly after an error.
A profile photo of Chris Patton
Chris Patton, Founder of
The whole setup took about 10 minutes - that's with me moving really slowly. Nicely done!
A profile photo of Felix Livni
Felix Livni, Co-founder of
We've looked at a lot of error management systems. Honeybadger is head and shoulders above the rest and somehow gets better with every new release.
A profile photo of Michael Smith
Michael Smith, Co-Founder & CTO of YvesBlue

When you contact us, you get a quick response from experts

We're small and agile and pride ourselves on providing fast and helpful service to our customers. As developers, we know how crucial it is to get quick help when you need it.

"THANK YOU @honeybadgerapp you implemented and deployed a new API (app metrics) 5 hours after my request, astonishing customer service!"
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Filippos Vasilakis

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