Free Honeybadger for GitHub students

Honeybadger is stoked to be part of GitHub Student Developer Pack!

Level-up your software development career and get access to the error monitoring solution used by the pros free for an entire year (over a $700 value). Honeybadger will help make you a DevOps hero, even if you’re just starting out.

I'm ready! Bring it!

What is Honeybadger and why do you need it?

Even apps built by the most seasoned developers will have errors from time to time. Honeybadger is a monitoring tool that allows you to fix bugs fast by reducing the amount of time spent backtracing errors.

When an error is triggered, Honeybadger alerts you in real time and provides all the context you need to understand what is causing the exception, who's affected by it, and makes it easy to follow up with those users once the fix has been deployed.

What’s included?

The Pack offer gives you all of the features included in Honeybadger’s Small plan:

  • 225,000 error limit
  • 60 days retention
  • 60 uptime checks
  • 120 check-ins
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited apps
  • See the full list of features here

Why Honeybadger?

Honeybadger supports most modern frameworks including: Ruby, JavaScript (including React and Vue), Elixir, Go, NodeJS, Java, Clojure, PHP (including Laravel and Lumen), and Python.

Need help? Your support ticket is answered by the developers that built Honeybadger, seriously. No chatbots, no searching through forums, just expert answers. You can even try our support before you sign up. :)

Honeybadger goes way beyond just tracking and monitoring errors. It’s the only error tracking product that simplifies your production stack by combining exception monitoring, uptime monitoring, and check-in monitoring into a single, easy to use platform. It also integrates with apps you use: Slack, PagerDuty, GitHub, and tons more.

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