Teams are a way for larger organizations to manage access to their Honeybadger projects more efficiently. (A Honeybadger project is an app or service - anything that you're monitoring for errors.)

After you create a new project, you will typically invite your coworkers to view and manage inbound errors.

The most straightforward approach is to invite them directly to the project. This approach works well for small organizations but can become cumbersome as personnel and projects increase.

Honeybadger Teams provide a more scalable approach to user management. Teams are groups of users that you can assign en-masse to a project.

Some of our customers use Teams to mirror the structure of their dev org. They will have separate teams for the front-end and back-end. Other customers use Teams as a quick way to mass-assign all their developers to each new project.

You can manage your teams via our UI or our Teams API.

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