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Error Metadata

Sometimes an automatically-generated error report doesn't give you the information that you need. It may be vital for you to know other, more specific details. For example:

  • The user id of the customer who caused the error
  • The version number of your application
  • A priority flag based on the system that had the error

Honeybadger lets you attach extra metadata to your errors, to make troubleshooting easier. Adding metadata to your errors also unlocks some additional Honeybadger features:

  • You can see which users were affected by an error, which is great for outreach
  • You can use our search to find errors by priority, user_id, or other attributes
  • You can use metadata in advanced routing rules

In our app we don't use the term metadata. Instead, we call it context. Implementation details vary by language. They're all covered in our documentation.

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