Advanced Alert Routing

Advanced alert routing is a Honeybadger feature that helps you ensure that error notifications go to the people who can best respond to them.

By default, when a new error comes in, we notify all of the project's subscribers. This approach works well for small organizations. But if you have multiple teams working on different parts of your application, it can get confusing. Who responds to which error?

Screenshot of alert routing rule

With advanced alert routing, you can choose who to notify based on the content of the error itself. And it's not just for individuals, it's for all of our notification channels. Here are just a few examples:

  • Send notifications about your billing system to your #billing-team Slack channel
  • Email production error notifications to one group and staging notifications to another
  • Send errors tagged "high priority" to PagerDuty, and send the rest to slack

How are advanced alerts so flexible? It's because we've harnessed the power of our second-to-none error search platform. As a result, creating a routing rule is as simple as using a search term.

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