Announcing the New Honeybadger iOS App

Have you ever wished you could use honeybadger on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch? Well now you can.

We're super excited to announce the release of the official Honeybadger app for iOS.

With this new app you'll get flexible push notifications for errors and outages. You'll be able to recognize critical problems at a glance, and put off less critical issues until tomorrow. You'll be able to assign errors and participate in discussions from anywhere you can take your phone.

Get it now from the iOS app store. (

Prefer Android? We expect to have an Android version by July, so stay tuned!

Screenshot of iOS error list You can search errors, mark them resolved and assign them.

Screenshot of iOS error detail page View full backtraces, request params, cookies and more on the error details page.

Screenshot of iOS uptime screen View recent outages, as well as request latencies from our geographically-distributed uptime checkers.

Scan to visit the app store page for the Honeybadger iOS app Scan to visit the app store page for the Honeybadger iOS app

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Starr Horne

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