Ship your application logs to Honeybadger

Special offer: Get this one-of-a-kind, limited-edition t-shirt when you ship your application logs to Honeybadger Insights.

Insights includes all the events that Honeybadger collects, such as error notifications, uptime checks, and check-in reports, but you can send your own event data as well—application logs, user lifecycle events, and more.

We'll send you a free limited-edition Honeybadger t-shirt when you send your production events to Honeybadger (while supplies last). This is most typically your application logs, but we'll accept any events that you want to track. The key word here is production—you have to do it live. 🚀

It's easy to ship your logs from Heroku, CouldWatch, Fly.io, and more. After you sign up for Honeybadger, head on over to our integration guides.

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Send us an email with a link to your production application logs in Honeybadger. We'll send you a magic link to fill in your shipping information, and then we'll send out your shirt. :)

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Insights is our take on logging, performance monitoring, and observability. It’s a bit like Splunk, DataDog, or CloudWatch Logs, but with just the good parts and a reasonable price tag.

The best part is that it’s available on our free tier as part of our comprehensive monitoring suite, which includes error tracking, uptime monitoring, status pages, and more.

Get started for free, then pay as you grow—or choose a 30-day free trial of one of our paid plans to unlock the full power of Honeybadger right away.

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