Check-ins and Cron Monitoring

Periodic jobs (like cronjobs) are the unsung heroes of web development. Day after day, they do unglamorous work: purging old files, sending emails, batch processing. But let one of these jobs fail to run, and you'll see how important they are. Disks fill up. Data goes missing. The monthly report isn't sent.

The worst thing about periodic job failure is that it's so easy to miss. You'll usually only notice the problem after it's gone on for too long. Honeybadger's check-in feature eliminates this problem.

Check-ins are simple:

  • First, you modify your job so that it pings (or "checks in with") the Honeybadger servers on each run
  • Then you let us know how often we should expect to be pinged. If too much time passes without a check-in from your jobs, we'll notify you

Check-ins support simple intervals, like "every five minutes" as well as crontab syntax for more complex intervals.

For more information, check out our check-in documentation.

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