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Check-In Monitoring

Know immediately when your cron jobs, background workers, and services go missing. No more silent failures.

Simple Setup

Check-In Monitoring is dead-simple to set up: we give you a URL, and you call the URL. If we stop hearing from you within a time period, we'll alert you.

Cron Scheduling

Copy/paste your cron schedule to be notified if your cron jobs don't run on time. For simpler schedules, select a period of minutes, hours, or days.

Graceful Alerts

Get notified instantly when a check-in fails to report, or choose a flexible grace period. Use all of your existing project integrations such as Slack and PagerDuty.

Check-In Details

We record your check-in history so that you can see exactly when your app last checked in (or didn't).

Outage History

We keep a history of your 25 most recent check-ins so you can easily see the hidden patterns that are tripping up your app.

Continuous Alerting

If your app fails to check-in multiple times, we keep track of it and will continue to alert your team until the issue is resolved.


Use our API to get information about your check-ins out of Honeybadger and into your custom dashboards, reports, and more.

Intelligent Alerts

The same flexible notification system that we use for Errors and Uptime also works with check-in events.


Honeybadger can notify you and your team via email, SMS, Slack, HipChat, and many more.

Workflow Tools

Route alerts to your other tools such as PagerDuty, AlertOps, and OpsGenie.


You can use our webhooks to trigger your own custom scripts whenever an outage occurs.

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