Rails Rumble: Our Staff Picks

There are almost too many Rails Rumble entries this year to look at them all. But never fear, the intreped Honeybadger team is here to help you sort through them with our much-awaited staff picks!

Another rails rumble is over, and now we get to see the apps! There are almost too many entries this year to look at them all. But never fear, the intreped honeybadger team is here to help you sort through them with our much-awaited staff picks!


Brought to you by “double trouble,” Audify allows users to convert YouTube videos to mp3 format, for use on mobile devices. Now you can listen to Felix Baumgartner's space jump without loading the video every time you want to remember the awesomeness of those moments, you can look up the next episode of University of Andy even if your eyes must be otherwise occupied, and jamming out with Antoine Dodson is easier than ever!


Have you ever lost your phone or your camera at party, sports event, or show? Now there is a centralized hub for posting lost and found items. “Platform 45” has created one of the most useful apps imaginable with CinderellaApp. Event attendees have the opportunity to post found and lost items via geolocation services, and can thus meet up with people who have their stuff or whose stuff they’ve found. Cinderella would have found her prince in no time with this app! Now everyone can have a lost and found bin in their pocket, all the time.

Dear Friend

Handwritten letters are a thing of the past, right? Not if you utilize Dear Friend! Email messages are bland and impersonal at best, no matter how well written they are. With this app, receiving a handwritten letter can be a highlight of someone's day, again. Not only does the app make possible true personalization of email messages, it puts users in contact with actual people who benefit from the opportunity to make someone else's day a little brighter, thus supporting individuals and local economies. Watch the video here http://vimeo.com/51390650

Chores Corp.

If you've ever lived with roommates, or had children, you know how difficult it can be to keep up with housework, let alone make sure no one feels overburdened with doing more than their fair share of it. “GreenRuby” has created a great app for making sure you and your housemates keep up with your chores regularly. This is so much better than a star chart on the refrigerator, and it can be updated, anywhere, anytime!


Remember making mixtapes? Even if you don't, you can now create your own personalized music compilations with Goodmix. You basically have access to any and every song you can think of to combine on your own music lists. Make custom cover art for your mixtape, and send it along to those who appreciate your excellent taste. You know that guy who is the only one who loves Pat Benetar and Bing Crosby while doing dishes, just like you? Now he can rememeber you forever, with his very own Bingetar tape!

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