7 Reasons to Attend Rocky Mountain Ruby 2016 + A Giveaway

We are sponsoring Rocky Mountain Ruby 2016, a one-day conference in Denver, CO. Get details and enter to win a free ticket.

Rocky Mountain Ruby is back for its seventh year...and we're sponsoring! Here are seven reasons you should attend.

  1. You could get a ticket for free.
  2. The schedule is jam-packed with speeches from development thought leaders of the Mountain West and beyond.
  3. The conference is on a Friday, meaning you can make a weekend trip out of it.
  4. You can snag a Honeybadger t-shirt.
  5. You can network with up to 250 people.
  6. The conference is in one of my favorite cities in the entire world: Denver, Colorado.
  7. Did I mention that you could get a ticket for free?

Enter here for a chance to win a free conference pass. Airfare and hotel not included. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Giveaway ends on September 19th, 2016. Good luck!

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