The one place

A central place for your team to manage all your apps' health

Get Everyone Involved

Invite your whole team. Unlike "the other guys" we don't place a limit on how many users you can have working on your projects.

Collaborate on solutions

Ever find yourself digging though chat logs to find that solution your coworker told you about last month? Keep discussion about errors with the error.

Manage your response

Errors are a part of your daily workflow as a developer. That's why we integrate with the most popular project management tools, and let you assign errors to your teammates.

Alerts go where you are

Alerts fit into your normal workflow. And our flexible alerting system lets you configure exactly which alerts go over which channel.


We'll send alerts to your email. You can even resolve, assign or comment on errors by replying to the email alerts.


Is it super-important that you know when an outage occurs? We can send a text message to your phone.


Does your team live in group chat? We integrate seamlessly with all the major providers

Project Management Tools

Don't let bugs fall through the cracks. Integrate Honeybadger with your issue tracker to make sure every bug gets squashed.

Create tickets

Errors can be converted into tickets either manually or automatically. We work with GitHub Issues, Pivotal Tracker, Jira and more.


We'll capture your team's discussions about specific errors and attach them to that error so that the next time it occurs, the solution will be at your fingertips.


Assign errors to yourself as a way of saying "Hey, I've got this," or task another developer on your team.

Get the tools you need to exterminate errors in your apps today!