Per-Project Rate Limits

Per-project rate limits allow you to specify the maximum number of errors per minute that Honeybadger should accept from your web app, API service, mobile app, etc.

Why would you want to limit the amount of data you collect? Like most things, it comes down to money.

The more errors we record for you, the more it will cost. But errors can be unpredictable. For example, a traffic spike to a buggy system can use up your monthly error quota in minutes. Per-project rate limits protect you from these situations.

Per-project limits let you set the maximum number of errors recorded for a project each minute. For example, a limit of 10 caps your error usage at ten errors per minute. So if you send us 1,000 errors in one minute, we will record ten and discard 990 errors. Discarded data does not count against your usage quota.

Protection from error spikes is handy when you have multiple projects on the same account. Different projects naturally throw off errors at different rates. For example, JavaScript front-ends often have many more errors than Python back-ends. Per-project rate limits allow you to normalize error usage across multiple projects so that one project doesn't consume it all.

We also offer the ability to manually ignore specific errors. Once you flag the error as ignored in our UI, we do not count additional occurrences against your quota.

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