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Uptime Monitoring

Learn about outages due to network, configuration and other non-code issues before your customers do.

External Ping

We constantly monitor your URLs for downtime. If your site goes down we'll alert you via email, SMS, or chat.

Flexible Rules

Your outage checks can be simple tests for network availability, or complex full-system health diagnostics.

Global Redundancy

Uptime checks are done by our globally-redundant network of servers, letting you see availability and response times around the world.

Outage Details

Every time your server goes down we record important information like response codes and headers.

Response Details

When we see an outage caused by a 500 response code, or other condition you've specified we save the response headers for your debugging pleasure.

Response-Time Metrics

See your app how people from around the world see it. We provide you with response time details from each of our nodes in five different cities.

Outage History

We keep a detailed history of all your outages so you can easily see the hidden patterns that are tripping up your app.

Intelligent Notifications

The same flexible notification system that we use for errors also works with uptime events.


You can use our webhooks to trigger your own custom scripts whenever an outage occurs.


Outage alerts can be routed to any of our notification channels, including email, chat and many others.

Workflow Tools

Route outage alerts through services like PagerDuty, or track them in an operations dashboard.

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