Take charge of your app's health with one line of code

A quick 5-minute install and you've got monitoring done

Exception Monitoring

You'll be notified the moment exceptions occur in your apps. You'll have the problem fixed before your customers even notice.

Uptime Monitoring

We'll check your site for outages & slow responses using our global network of servers.

Load time

We'll test how long it takes your pages to load from points all around the globe.

We'll tell you when bad things happen

And give you all the info you need to fix them in record time

Email / SMS

We'll send you email alerts. You can even reply to the email to add a comment, close, or assign the error to a team member.

Team Chat

Get error & outage notifications inside your team's chat system.

Project Management

We work with the most popular project management systems and bug trackers.

And you'll get a high-level view of your apps' health

More information means better planning for the future

Weekly Summary Emails

Every week we'll send you a concise summary of all your errors across all your apps.

Hot-Spot Detection

See which files are responsible for the most exceptions.

See which deploy caused an error

We correlate deploys and git commits to errors, so you can jump straight to the appropriate version of the code.

Get the tools you need to exterminate errors in your apps today!